Quantity vs Quality

I will take care of the quantity. The Great Creator will take care of the quality.
— The Artist’s Way

I’m starting a daily blog. Meaning every day, I will post something.

Blogs are becoming somewhat old-fashioned. They have been replaced by Instagram and Snapchat and Twitter.

But blogs have a kind of old-school relaibility: they are simple and straightforward. I control every bit of it - I’m not giving myself over to another platform. I’m completely in control.

My reasoning for starting a daily blog is spurred on by that quote I read from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, which is a cheesy-sounding book that has many cheeseball moments to it, but that also has a lot of terrific wisdom. (In particular, morning pages - a practice I do almost every morning.)

I want to put more stuff out there. I realized I need to focus more on quantity, and trust that the quality will improve as I go. The only way to get better is by doing, tinkering, and iterating. Put stuff out there, then do it even better next time. So the only way to get better is really by starting now.

That’s why, for young artists, I think quantity may be more important than quality. I know that’s a bit of a controversial statement. But if all you’re worried about is quality, than you may never produce anything ever. Of course, you try to do the best you can. But what’s even more important is putting something out there, and then putting more stuff out there, and getting better each step along the way.

That’s my hope in starting this project. Most of what I write and post about will be related to theatre and art, and some occasional posts on life in general. I’m pretty inspired by Austin Kleon’s blog, so thanks to Austin. I also love reading Marginal Revolution.

Let’s do this.

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