Gus is designing and developing, writing, performing, and more.


I am a programmer, designer, writer, researcher, and performer. My background is in theatre and film. I enjoy crafting interfaces, thinking through software design, understanding media, and considering the possibilities of form and content. I’m interested in tools for thought, tools for creativity, and tools for liberation.

I recently finished a batch at the Recurse Center, where I built lots of cool things, worked with lots of great people, and thought a lot about human-computer interaction. I spend a lot of time building several projects, like my read-later/research organizing app, Margins. But I’m also currently open to work.

This is my web home. My own experimental warehouse: a place to cultivate web space and seek digital texture.

I was born in Davis, CA, grew up in Rochester, NY, and currently live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with my partner Mari. I’m of Armenian, Lebanese, Egyptian and Irish descent.


Just finished a retreat at the Recurse Center, where I went deep on many different programming and design interests.


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This website is typeset in David Jonathan Ross's lovely Roslindale and Gimlet Sans fonts, both of which are being used on the mini licenses from his Font of the Month club. It also uses the now-classic Inter. The site is built with Astro, and deployed on Netlify.

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