gus is an actor, writer & maker

welcome to my website. mainly, i’m an actor in theatre, film and tv.

i also write and direct. every tuesday i send out a popular weekly newsletter on culture and creativity called The Curtain.

i was born in Davis, CA, grew up in Rochester, NY, and currently live in Brooklyn, NY. i’m of Armenian, Lebanese, Egyptian and Irish descent. but identity is complicated.

the best ways to contact me are via email or twitter. find me on Actor’s Access, Instagram, or Backstage. see my Resume for acting inquiries.



The history of theatre is littered with ghosts and spirits. From Hamlet to ghost lights to Ancient Greeks to contemporary plays, theatre has always explored the nature of here and there, life and death, reality and unreality. They are one of the most used and accessible tropes there is.

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Reflecting on the state of criticism in theatre and beyond in 2019.

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Reflecting on the current state of the theatre audience in 2019.

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