TSPDT Movie Explorer

Exploring the greatest films of all time. Exhaustively, beautifully.


One of my favorite sources for cinephilia is the wonderful greatest films compilation website They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They?. They provide a CSV of their starting list of 24,000 films, as well as the films’ historical rankings. It was a fun data spelunking project to turn it into a beautiful and fast movie explorer.

I started with the CSV, transformed and parsed it into a SQLite Database, and then ran some scripts to look up all the movies in TMDB and extract text embeddings and insert them into a vector database.

From there, I built out a UI using Next.js App Router and React Server Components, and a Hono Cloudflare Worker for the API (this allowed easier integration with Cloudflare Services).

I relied on D3 and the React Nivo library for data visualization.