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I love acting and theatre. I also love many other things. Here is a collection of my work.


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Mostly, I act. Check out this photo gallery of my work.


I'm currently writing two plays. The first is a 90-minute comedy/drama about growing up, death, and the limitations of time. It's called All My Friends. The second is a larger two-act play about startups, VR porn, cheating death, and ambition. It's called Livin' Thing.

Untitled Theatre Company

I believe theatre is our most important storytelling form. I also believe it's business model is in dire shape. The barrier for young companies to produce work is far too high. It's been commodified by elites, made into a high-minded cultural night out. It needs to be knocked down a peg: going to the theatre should, on average, be more like going to a DIY punk show than going to the opera. That's what this company will aim to do.

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