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  1. The Disneyfication of Hamilton
  2. New Forms: Could film and theatre converge?
  3. “Necessary” and “Essential”
  4. The Long and the Short of It
  5. How to Build the Future
  6. Theatre is a medium of metaphor, film is a medium of relation
  7. Bottom Up, Not Top Down
  8. Theatre in the age of COVID-19
  9. How to tell the truth
  10. The Hidden Conservatism in Minimalism
  11. The Durability and Continued Promise of the Immersive
  12. The Changing Tides of American and European Theatre
  13. The Sound, the Silence, the Invisible
  14. The Rise of the Influencer Individual in Theatre
  15. The Cult of Minimalism
  16. The Entanglement
  17. Inputs and Outputs
  18. In 2019, We Wore Masks To Hide Our Trauma
  19. Criticism and Making are not opposites. They’re the same thing.
  20. The Age of the Remix
  21. Cultural Nostalgia is Toxic
  22. The Unprofitability is the Point
  23. What We Talk About When We Talk About the Unconscious
  24. Ghost Stories
  25. The State of Criticism
  26. The State of the Audience
  27. Art and the Unconscious
  28. Hyperlink Consciousness
  29. The qualities of good theatre
  30. Live and crafted, recorded and raw
  31. Two-dimensional racism
  32. Write and act in a trance
  33. The theatre-church fallacy
  34. Content vs accessibility
  35. Theatre and time
  36. Good theatre runs smooth
  37. On textual fidelity
  38. Theatre and scarcity
  39. Category of one
  40. The audience matters
  41. Who says?
  42. Live -> read -> write
  43. Daylight
  44. Don't make art in terms of 'taking risks'
  45. Ripples
  46. Theatre should be theatre, not television
  47. Saturdays
  48. Procrastination
  49. The allure of intimacy in theatre and podcasts
  50. Theatre aphorisms, part one
  51. Getting good
  52. Asymmetric Risk and High Small Hoops in Theatre
  53. Quantity vs Quality
  54. 23
  55. Will social media replace art, part 2
  56. Will social media replace art?
  57. All those wasted days add up to something
  58. On daydreaming
  59. The finger pointing at the moon

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