The Diary of Anne Frank


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Geva Theatre Center and Arizona Theatre Company

Wendy Kesselman
David Ira Goldstein
Bill Clarke
Mimi Maxmen
Ann G. Wrightson
Dan Roach
Ann Arvia, Gus Cuddy, Steve Hendrickson, Anna Lentz, Naama Potok, John G. Preston, Devon Prokopek, Michael Santo

“In Peter, deftly portrayed by Gus Cuddy, we find Anne’s male coming-of-age counterpart who deftly conveys what it is like to lurch from awkward, self-conscious adolescent to thoughtful, intelligent young man, who becomes Anne’s love interest.” (Beyond the Nest)

“The acting is distinguished with rich performances from Ann Arvia and John G. Preston as the struggling and argumentative Van Daans, an endearing Gus Cuddy as their son Peter, and Michael Santo as Mr. Dussel, the grumpy dentist with an extreme dislike for the household cat.” (Democrat & Chronicle)