The Feed of Gus Cuddy

This is a collection of all my newsletter issues and blog/essay-type writing in one place.

  1. Curtain #114: Welcome to Vaguetown
  2. The Curtain #113: All Connected Now
  3. The Curtain #112: What Web3 Gets Wrong About What's Wrong With Art
  4. The Curtain #111: Getting metaphysical
  5. The Curtain rises again
  6. The Curtain 109: Interactivity, Texture, and Performance in Web Space
  7. The Curtain 108: Deep Time, the Restart, and the End
  8. The Curtain 107: The Pleasures of a Crowded Room
  9. The Curtain 106: digital blandness
  10. The Curtain 105: What Will Change, What Won't
  11. The Curtain 104: The tension of digital vs physical prime
  12. The Curtain 103: Listen, Look, Touch
  13. The Curtain 102: Discord, Exclusivity, and Internet Spatiality
  14. The Curtain 101: an underground wasteland
  15. The Curtain 100: Blaseball and Narrative Potential
  16. The Curtain 099: Gen Z Performance Culture and Pizza Toast
  17. The Curtain 098: Remaking Culture
  18. The Curtain 097: The Digital Media Ecology
  19. The Curtain 096: One Year Later
  20. The Curtain 095: The Perils of Mixing Venture Capital with Art
  21. The Curtain 094: NFTs, Crypto, and the Future of Art?
  22. The Curtain 093: Is Clubhouse Eating Liveness?
  23. The Curtain 092: A Post-Friday World
  24. The Curtain 091: Digitization Begets Chaos-ization
  25. The Curtain 090: The Year of Texture

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