The Curtain

A weekly newsletter on art, theater, media, culture, and the internet.

  1. Season 2

    Season 2 of The Curtain, running from January 2021 to Present. A focus on the internet.

  2. The Curtain 104: The tension of digital vs physical prime

    The after-effects of the last year of digitization will compete with the re-emergence of physical prime.

  3. The Curtain 103: Listen, Look, Touch

    Looping through media and the internet and our relations with the physical world.

  4. The Curtain 102: Discord, Exclusivity, and Internet Spatiality

    Examining Discord and a sense of space on the internet. Plus: a very bad take on theater and capitalism. Yikes.

  5. The Curtain 101: an underground wasteland

    What the internet is made of, and the re-emergence of live arts.

  6. The Curtain 096: One Year Later

    And: What we talk about when we talk about artificial scarcity

  7. The Curtain 093: Is Clubhouse Eating Liveness?

    Plus: hyperobjects and the incomprehensible.

  8. The Curtain 092: A Post-Friday World

    The internet's conception of performance has changed in the last 10 years

  9. The Curtain 091: Digitization Begets Chaos-ization

    GameStop movies, Notes on digital texture, and more

  10. The Curtain 90: The Year of Texture

    Unpacking the great flattening of digitization, and the metaphors we operate by.

  11. The Curtain 89: Web Space

    On the web as private space, and the horrible horrors that the new internet has wrought.

  12. Season 1

    The first 88 issues of The Curtain: a variety of things, mainly culture and theatre.

  13. The Curtain: 2020 Year-in-Review

    Also: The Best Things of the Year (an amorphous list)