Cultural Nostalgia Is Toxic

| 6 min read.

The Unprofitability is the Point

On unprofitable arts and profitable technology

| 8 min read.

What We Talk About When We Talk About the Unconscious

How to bridge the space between art and the unconscious.

| 4 min read.

Ghost Stories

In an age where getting ghosted is a part of daily life and language, I am fascinated by how ghosts appear in different forms in our lives and in our art.

| 6 min read.

The State of Criticism

Reflecting on the state of criticism in theatre and beyond in 2019.

| 10 min read.

The State of the Audience

Reflecting on the current state of the theatre audience in 2019.

| 9 min read.

Art and the Unconscious

Rationality can only get you so far. You can't always take the logical position. Sometimes you have to lay down the burden of consciousness.

| 1 min read.

Hyperlink Consciousness

| 2 min read.

The qualities of good theatre

| 11 min read.

Live and crafted, recorded and raw

| 5 min read.