The Durability and Continued Promise of the Immersive

Why we're all trying to escape into another world.

| 6 min read.

The Changing Tides of American and European Theatre

Why American new plays are underrated, and New York's attitudes towards Ivo Van Hove have shifted.

| 8 min read.

The Sound, the Silence, the Invisible

Life is terribly noisy. Can we do anything about it?

| 5 min read.

The Rise of the Influencer Individual in Theatre

The future of theatre rests in the individual.

| 7 min read.

The Cult of Minimalism

Minimalism as an artistic genre can lead to transcendence. But its rise as an aesthetic language is more troubling.

| 8 min read.

The Entanglement

In which I try to explore the ways in which we are entangled with history, legacies and traumas.

| 5 min read.

Inputs and Outputs

How creative output is tied directly to inputs

| 4 min read.

In 2019, We Wore Masks To Hide Our Trauma

Examining pop culture’s trend of looking at the wounds underneath.

| 5 min read.

Criticism and Making are not opposites. They’re the same thing.

The way we critique is the way we make.

| 5 min read.

The Age of the Remix

How to subvert nostalgia.

| 5 min read.