Art and the Unconscious

Rationality can only get you so far. You can't always take the logical position. Sometimes you have to lay down the burden of consciousness.

foggy forest

There are some things in this world that cannot be explained. Deep, dark mysterious things. Things that stem from some ancient unwaking origin, drifting in the netherworld between sleep and somewhere else. Things that exist in the far reaches of the unconscious.

Our brains cannot quite understand these things. Consciousness is not enough. Instead, we repress our un-understandings and fears and traumas deep into the depths of our own unconscious.

Sometimes, we have to put down the burden of our consciousness. Rationality and logic can only get us so far. You can’t always take the analytical position.

This is why people turn toward things like religion and art.

We experience art not to connect with the literal-minded, rational side of ourselves, but to connect to something far deeper and more uncertain. Great art must come from the unconscious so that we, as an audience, can put down our fears and make the leap into that unknown.

Otherwise, we’re left wondering: what’s the point? Where’s the deeper mystery at play here?

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