The Disneyfication of Hamilton

The mania is back, and there's a lot of cash behind it.

| 4 min read.

New Forms: Could film and theatre converge?

"My First Film", "What Do We Need To Talk About?", and the new forms that might emerge from this moment

| 6 min read.

“Necessary” and “Essential”

What does it mean to create art when you're inessential?

| 4 min read.

The Long and the Short of It

On the future of live art.

| 3 min read.

How to Build the Future

A vision for a sustainable theatre.

| 5 min read.

Theatre is a medium of metaphor, film is a medium of relation

Understanding and approaching the differences between theatre and film.

| 3 min read.

Bottom Up, Not Top Down

Stop trying to be productive. Meaningful things emerge organically.

| 6 min read.

Theatre in the age of COVID-19

Resources and thoughts on a fast-moving disaster.

| 6 min read.

How to tell the truth

Examining perception, illusion, and un-reality in the work of Lucas Hnath, Tina Satter, and the Safdie Brothers.

| 7 min read.

The Hidden Conservatism In Minimalism

What exactly are we hiding?

| 5 min read.