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The history of theatre is littered with ghosts and spirits. From Hamlet to ghost lights to Ancient Greeks to contemporary plays, theatre has always explored the nature of here and there, life and death, reality and unreality. They are one of the most used and accessible tropes there is.

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Reflecting on the state of criticism in theatre and beyond in 2019.

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Reflecting on the current state of the theatre audience in 2019.

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foggy forest

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I’d like to use the internet to help spread ideas about theatre, and help it thrive in the 21st century.

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These days, it seems like you often hear about theatre’s inevitable demise at the hands of the internet, that it’s merely a luxury.

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I’ve been thinking about podcasts and theatre a lot, and how they interrelate. I have a theory about their paradoxical relationship.

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Beware simple stories. It’s easier and easier to fall into them these days.

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In theatre, film, and the performing arts in general, there is a very common case of what I call two-dimensional racism. This is the sort of optics-based casting that is simply meant to check off casting people of color like there’s a quota to fill; there is no depth to the diversity—it is two-dimensional.

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“Attention spans arent falling. Opportunity costs are just rising. Big, big difference. People love long, in-depth content. But it needs to be really, really good.”

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