About Gus

I’m a Brooklyn-based performer, writer, director, designer/developer, and tinkerer.

Prior to an industry-busting pandemic, I performed in New York and around the country in plays performed in-person on real, physical stages. It’s still weird to think about. I’ve been seen at the Humana Festival at Actor’s Theatre of Louisville, Geva Theatre, Arizona Theatre Company, and many more. I love to dive into things and make exhilirating theatre with a room full of great collaborators.

For the last two years I’ve sent out a weekly newsletter called The Curtain. It’s loosely about arts, theatre, film, culture, and technology, but it can get pretty far-reaching. Many people seem to enjoy it. You can subscribe and read more here, or browse through all my essays in the feed.

I also dabble in playwriting and screenwriting. I love film and have been dreaming about getting into filmmaking for a while, as well.

In addition to that, I’m a self-taught web designer/developer. I love making websites and getting my hands dirty crafing some clean, accessible HTML, CSS, and (gulp) Javascript. I enjoy experimenting with technologies and exploring different creative things that computers and the internet can do. If you’d like me to design you a website (especially if you’re an artist or non-profit), please email me.

I was born in Davis, CA, grew up in Rochester, NY, and currently live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with my partner Mari on occupied Lenape land. I’m of Armenian, Lebanese, Egyptian and Irish descent. But identity is complicated.

Feel free to email me: gus@guscuddy.com

You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram (if you dare).

Acting Portfolio

Headshots & Resume

Headshot of Gus CuddyHeadshot of Gus CuddyHeadshot of Gus CuddyHeadshot of Gus CuddyHeadshot of Gus CuddyHeadshot of Gus CuddyHeadshot of Gus CuddyHeadshot of Gus CuddyHeadshot of Gus Cuddy
Resume of Gus Cuddy

Productions I've Been In

  1. 2022

  2. Production Photo from Constellations

    Constellations — Geva Theatre Center

  3. 2019

  4. Production Photo from The Corpse Washer

    The Corpse Washer — Humana Festival (Actor's Theatre of Louisville)

  5. 2018

  6. Production Photo from The Diary of Anne Frank

    The Diary of Anne Frank — Geva Theatre Center and Arizona Theatre Company

  7. 2016

  8. Production Photo from Moon for the Misbegotten

    Moon for the Misbegotten — Geva Theatre Center

  9. 2015

  10. Production Photo from The Skin of Our Teeth

    The Skin of Our Teeth — Fordham University

  11. 2014

  12. Production Photo from We Are Proud To Present A Presentation About The Herero Of Namibia, Formerly Known As Southwest Africa, From The German Sudwestafrika, Between The Years 1884–1915

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